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When I open the application, it hangs on the loading screen. 12/10/2019, 1:16:15 AM
Start patchbay with standalone sbot 2/7/2019, 1:34:01 PM
Creating a new PM, adding a target, results in notice of sending a PM without including yourself in the message body, overwriting your message. 6/15/2018, 9:58:18 PM
Subscribe button doesn't change appearance on click. 6/12/2018, 9:38:37 AM
avoid sbot.whoami (for liteclient)11/24/2016, 10:53:13 AM
@cel self-named repos do not appear in suggest box, for example flumedb11/22/2016, 8:13:04 PM
make tabs.js be screenlayout instead of screenview11/12/2016, 9:30:13 AM
User Interface Tests for Patchbay 9/13/2016, 1:42:29 AM
lightbox overflows screen on mobile1/21/2017, 5:38:18 PM
Messages being composed can be easily lost.12/10/2016, 6:33:44 PM
how-to: anchroing something above the scroller? 9/15/2016, 10:11:47 AM
Avatar images on feed pages slow down loading on my computer. In some cases it locks up. I have it working to replace the images with names, but I'm not sure if that's the best option. It could be configurable...9/25/2016, 8:33:46 PM
Clicking "view sorce"-gears switches to an open git repo tab2/6/2017, 12:12:13 AM
what name to use in avatar-name12/30/2016, 3:34:15 AM
Inconsistent Dig Rendering12/10/2016, 5:44:26 PM
patchbay shows blank instead of having three windows (public/private/notifications) 4/6/2017, 10:31:17 PM
The 'update' button once updating a profile photo for someone is not intuitive. I didn't know why the photo I was choosing to view for people wasn't working; @ev swung over my shoulder (which I'd prefer he not do unless the two of us are pair program...8/1/2016, 9:24:18 PM
unfollow don't seem to register7/25/2016, 7:28:35 PM
hypertabs jumping to the left11/20/2016, 9:15:15 AM
feature request: right click on a link copy id11/20/2016, 8:57:41 AM

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