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count=10                    # Number of codes/cards to generate. Should be a multiple of 10.
dir=~/www                  # Where to save the invite code pages
base=    # URL for the directory of invite code pages

./ "$count" | tee -a codepaths | ./ "$dir" "$base" > urls

The invite code pages use invite.html as a template, and get some values from If you change invite.html or and want to regenerate the invite code pages (while keeping the same invite codes), run:

./geninvitecodepages "$dir" "$base" < codepaths | wc -l

That should output the number of pages written.

./ > cards.pdf < urls

Development notes

To preview cards.pdf while editing, run make. It will launch mupdf or reload an existing mupdf process.

Uncomment DrawBorder to get a thin border around each card on the page.

To convert a SVG file to EPS format, use rsvg-convert (from librsvg2-bin package on Debian):

rsvg-convert rainbow-ssb.svg -f eps -o rainbow-ssb.eps

To convert other formats, use convert (from ImageMagick).

If you want to include a JPEG file into, there is a better way than using EPS - For an example, see &UG1Pxa6....


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Hermies icon by Matt: %7AkRFfL..., original by Paul: %6Ykl7b5...

Small hermes hearts icon, and invite letterhead, by Angelica: %9X92J7gS6NYrPwRXxmmpNUM7esI/XXi5j7ZSx2cyK1k=.sha256 %w1wPSI8...

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