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Scuttleblog creates a blog from a Scuttlebutt journal, using Scuttlebot and Hugo.


Alice meets Bob. Bob lives somewhere remote — like, really very far away. Alice wants everyone back home to be able to read about Bob's life, and Bob wants to be able to publish a diary to the world.

Bob has a computer, but doesn't have an internet connection. Alice installs a Scuttlebutt app for Bob, and makes a note of Bob's Scuttlebutt ID. Bob uses the app to write a diary.

Later, back home, with a soothing internet connection, Alice installs Scuttleblog and tells it Bob's ID. Every so often, Alice's computer runs Scuttleblog, and uploads the output to a server Alice has lying around.

Whenever someone visits Bob, Scuttlebutt couriers Bob's updated diary until it finds its way to Alice's computer.

Charlie lives far from either Alice or Bob, and has never met either of them, even online. Charlie finds Bob's diary while browsing the web, and reads it.



Nice to have, but not why we're here.

Use it

Set up

  1. On Ubuntu 17.10: install using
  2. Tell your Scuttlebutt user identity.

Update the blog


  1. Run
  2. (Optionally, run hugo server from inside hugo/ and view a preview with Hugo's internal web server.)
  3. Sync the contents of hugo/public/ to your server.

How it works

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