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Testing for presence of plugin

Opencel-desktop opened this issue on 1/1/2021, 10:24:21 PM

Testing for presence of plugin

The demo applications show a notice after a timeout if connectSsb() does not call back successfully:

This Page needs to access Scuttlebut. Make sure that Scuttle Shell Browser is installed and that "SSB access" is switched on for this page.

Could there be a way for an application to get a more definitive answer about whether it can connect to the plugin/ssb-server? That would provide quicker feedback in the not-working case, and remove the opportunity for a race condition in the working case.

%z+055To1F7RxGr8bSFd3Hs896atFclGpKj/HIdFf/90=.sha256 farewellutopia-dev · 2/6/2021, 1:43:16 PM

A side note first: ssb-connect supersedes connect-ssb and no longer relies on global variables.

If a connection fails, it's not trivial to say what went wrong.

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