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Bootstrapp your Secure Scuttlebutt Client.


PatchBoot allows executing (small) apps retrieved via ssb. These patchboot apps can access scuttlebut (sbot) as well as a DOM to interact with the user. These allows to enrich your scuttling experience with apps you get from your friends on Scuttlebutt.

Getting started

PatchBoot is available in different flavours. Choose the PatchBoot flavour that best fits your needs.

PatchBoot Scuttle Browser

This version can be accessed with a browser that has the Scuttle Shell Browser extension installed. This version is contained in this repository as a large part of its code can also be used in the other flavours.

PatchBoot Electron

PatchBoot Electron provides a PatchBoot environment as a Desktop Application. This is the easiest option as it doesn't require configuration of the ssb-server or the browser.

on git ssb and GitHub

PatchBoot Web / ssb-patchnoot-ws

The ssb server plugin ssb-patchnoot-ws gives access to PatchBoot via the browser.

on git ssb and GitHub|

Publishing PatchBoot Apps

The are toe types of PatchBoot Apps, Classic Patchboot Apps that are single javascript-filed stored in a blob or Patchboot Webapps with have an HTML file as entrypoint.

Classic PatchBoot Apps

Apps are advertised using mesages of the type patchboot-app like the followig

    "type": "patchboot-app",
    "name": "WomBat Launcher",
    "comment": "A friendly new launcher",
    "link": "&CKrrSh72rXhgCzeTKekAPf7fiwtmNml/yFjXCe4ovnE=.sha256",

The link points to the JavaScript comprising the app. The JavaScript code has access to the following variables:

PatchtBoot Webapps

Webapps are advertised as patchboot-webapp.

    "type": "patchboot-webapp",
    "name": "WomBat Launcher",
    "comment": "A friendly new launcher",
    "link": "ssb:blob:sha256:&CKrrSh72rXhgCzeTKekAPf7fiwtmNml/yFjXCe4ovnE=",

The link point to an HTML app that can establish an RPC connection to an sbot-instance over window message events. These apps can also be used standalone if the browser is a able to access the URI provided in the link field and has the Scuttle Shell Browser extension installed.

The recommended way to develop webapps is by using ssb-connect.js provided by Scuttle Shell Browser - Consumer.

PatchBoot Install

The patchboot-install package provides an executable to deploy patchboot-apps. It is typically used in an npm-script as shown in the example app (git ssb|GitHub).

PathBoot Install is on git ssb and GitHub

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