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Prototype of a pluggable patchwork.

patchbay is an secure-scuttlebutt client interface that is fully compatible with patchwork

I started patchbay to experiment with a different internal architecture based on depject. The goal was to make it easier to develop new features, and enable or disable features. This has so far been quite successful!

This makes in very easy to create say, a renderer for a new message type, or switch to a different method for choosing user names.


npm install scuttlebot@latest -g
# make sure you have secure-scuttlebutt@15.2.0
npm ls secure-scuttlebutt -g
sbot server
# if you are already running patchwork, that also works.
# (must have at least >= 2.8)

# then in another tab (these must be 3 separate commands)
sbot plugins.install ssb-links
sbot plugins.install ssb-query
sbot plugins.install ssb-ws
# restart sbot server (go back to previous tab and kill it)

now clone and run patchbay.

git clone
cd patchbay
npm install
npm install electro electron-prebuilt -g
npm run build
electro index.js

how to add a feature

To add a new message type, add add a js to ./modules/ that exports a function named message_content (it should return an html element) To add a new tab, export a function named screen_view (returns an html element)

To add a new detail, that appears above a message, export a function named message_meta.

see the code for more examples.

module graph

patchbay uses depject to manage it's modules. here is a graph of the current connections between them. (round shows module, square shows api, arrow direction points from user to provider)

module graph



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