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Image providing Sympa mailing list service.

You should make sure you mount spool and data volumes (/var/spool/sympa, /var/spool/nullmailer, and /var/lib/sympa) so that you do not lose e-mails and mailing lists data when you are recreating a container. If volumes are empty, image will initialize them at the first startup.

The intended use of this image is that it is extended (see cloyne/sympa
for an example) with customizations for your installation, and used together with tozd/postfix for receiving and sending e-mails (see cloyne/postfix for an example how to integrate them together). It is configured to be used with tozd/postgresql
PostgreSQL database, by default, running in a contained named pgsql. You can link containers together or use tozd/hosts. Use REMOTES environment variable to specify the container or server used for sending e-mails.

The image contains only example values and cannot run without extending (or mounting necessary files into it).

You should provide two volumes, /etc/sympa/includes and /etc/sympa/shared.

/etc/sympa/includes should contain two files:

/etc/sympa/shared is a volume shared with (for example) cloyne/postfix
container to provide necessary SSH keys for communication between containers.

When extending the image you should override files in the /etc/sympa/conf.d directory with ones containing your values. Moreover you probably want to define your own Sympa robot.

To create a database for Sympa, exec into your PostgreSQL container and run:

$ createuser -U postgres -DRS -PE sympa
$ createdb -U postgres -O sympa sympa

You might have to initialize afterwards the database. Run from inside your Sympa container:

$ psql -h pgsql -U sympa -W -f /usr/share/sympa/bin/create_db.Pg

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