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Keyboard shortcuts

CmdOrCtrl is the command key on Apple keyboards or the ctrl key on PC keyboards.

Tabs and window

h / CmdOrCtrl+Shift+] : tabs left l / CmdOrCtrl+Shift+[: tabs right x / CmdOrCtrl+w : close tab CmdOrCtrl+Shift+w will close the current window

Message feeds

j : next message (down) k : previous message o : open message thread (and scroll to position of this message in that thread) ` : toggle raw message view for currently selected message (` = backtick, lives on the same key as ~)

composing : cttrl + enter = post

@ : start a person query # : start a channel query ? : start a search query / : start a navigation (e.g. /public) - need to re-instate suggestions for this

you can also paste a message id (starts with %) in here to navigate to it. Same with blobs (&)

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