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sdash is a personal gateway to the scuttlebot distributed social network


Install Scuttlebot

sudo npm install -g scuttlebot
scuttlebot server

Next, request a Scuttlebot invite from someone on the network

In another window

sbot plugins.install ssb-ws
sbot plugins.install query
sbot plugins.install links

And restart sbot after the plugins are installed using ctrl-c and scuttlebot server

To launch sdash clone it down

sudo npm install -g git-ssb
git clone ssb://%qrU04j9vfUJKfq1rGZrQ5ihtSfA4ilfY3wLy7xFv0xk=.sha256 sdash
cd sdash
npm install
node index

and navigate to http://localhost:7000


To show your own sdash page, replace var me = '@8Qee0I/DwI5DHSCi3p5fsl6FyLGArrnDz3ox9qZr5Qc=.ed25519'; in index.js with your own public key

To pin a post use the sbot command line sbot publish --type pin --link '<key>'

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