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Show social origin

Opencel-desktop opened this issue on 6/11/2020, 7:31:16 PM

Show social origin

It is useful to know who is operating a ssb-viewer instance. But currently, it is not always obvious.

Examples: %w/gQIbV... %uaLEu5x...

Knowing the ssb id of a ssb-viewer instance means that if your feed is not showing up on it, you can try to figure out the social graph path from the instance to you, to see if it is a social graph reach issue.

When there is a problem with an ssb-viewer instance, it can be useful to contact the operator of it, via SSB.

Public ssb-viewer instances are hosted by pubs. In that case, it could be more useful to list feed ids of the operator(s) of the instance, rather than the pub's id, since the pub operator might not check their pub's private messages. But for friend graph purposes, the pub id is useful to know.

Possible solutions would be to list the sbot id and name of the instance and/or its operator (configured). This could go in the page footer, header, home page, and/or a new about/info/contact page. In the footer, it could look like "Hosted by @pub_name". Or the header could be changed to "You are reading content from Scuttlebutt via @pub_name". Maybe with a "More Info" link for a separate page.

While full details of who is hosting or responsible for an instance could be on a separate page, having at least the pub/sbot id on every page would be useful. Then in situations where someone saves a page, or takes a screenshot of it and re-publishes it, the provenance of the content can be known.

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