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Improve error handling and robustness

Open cel-desktop wants to merge commits into master from robustness
cel-desktop · 2/28/2021, 5:55:01 PM

Improve error handling and robustness

636d6c2ecf13af9059a1ed991c2ae274e753dd68 End toPage sync when contentWindow is gone

This catches an error that seems to occur when switching from one app to another before the first app has loaded which otherwise prevents loading the second one.

6dedcfef6e18beea08d9dd58a736268b6991c2ef Call blobs.want only if blob is not yet present

This avoids calling blobs.want if a blob is already present locally, since otherwise blobs.want may broadcast the want to peers.

This uses a blobs.size call to check for the presence of a blob, since historically blobs.has could sometimes trigger wanting a blob.

It also adds use of async/await.

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