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SSB Web Server

A Scuttlebot plugin for serving sites that were shared using SSB.

Publish an html bundle on SSB, then open it by its hash id.

No more 404s.


To open a blob, go to localhost:7778/{hash-id}.

If you want to develop an HTML page, place it (and its assets) in ~/ssb/web. You can then open it at localhost:7778/path/to/file, which will map to ~/ssb/web/path/to/file.

If you want to publish an HTML page to the network, use html-inline to pack any linked assets into a single HTML blob, then commit with sbot blobs.add.

Afterwards, you can reference the hash in an SSB message to distribute it across the network.

Example Application


Pages have window.ssb injected by the server, so they can read and write to the network.


Use as a scuttlebot plugin:


(When this plugin's development is complete, it will be automatically included in Scuttlebot.)

In the config object passed to Scuttlebot, you'll need to set the following values:

config.trustedServePath = path.join(__dirname, 'ui')
config.userlandServePath = path.join(config.path, 'www')


This creates two servers, at :7777 and :7778. The :7777 serves the "trusted" application (Patchwork) while :7778 serves "userland," which is files in the blob store and at ~/.ssb/www.

Frontend Sandbox

The Userland pages are hosted with Content Security Policies which keep them from accessing the internet. Instead, they interact with the local server to access the ssb API and other blobs.

Userland pages are only given a subset of read functions, and a modified publish function which opens a permission prompt.


  1. Secure primitives for distributing and running applications offline.
  2. APIs for building single-page applications.

Scuttlebot will provide the backend, with APIs to read/write data and files, watch realtime updates, and more. This will leave you free to focus on the frontend.

For users, the environment should provide a nice privacy upgrade (offline, e2e encryption) and give them freedom to clone & modify their apps. Since the data and code is stored locally, there's no more "gatekeeping" to stop users from changing their applications.

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