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Add a "post" button that floats to the left on /public and /private views.

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Dominic · 9/20/2016, 2:11:37 PM

Add a "post" button that floats to the left on /public and /private views.

This is one step closer to on-boarding, via setup screen

Just need to have feeds that can handle a massive dump of data coming in, and not flooding the live stream.

I kinda want this to become a top menu (but just for the column) when the column gets narrow. This would be easy on mobile with a media query, because there is only one column. With a split view, I'm not sure if it can be done without javascript. Or it could be a status bar that is alway there? The tab close button could go there (which would work well on split view), and on things like search results you could show current searched counts, etc.

%PMHWxC755dnZ87KLRoqaIbLW8gYM1ga77D7L9pxL9U4=.sha256 Dominic · 9/23/2016, 11:14:12 AM

Okay, this is nearly in the bag. a bit of tiding up, and this will you'll scroll up nicely and things will appear, even if there have been thousands of messages above the current screen location.

Another implication of my design, is that you'll be able to jump to any point in time, and see the feed at that point. You'll be able to go back a month, or a year ago, for example.

This also means we'll need a something to enter the time to scroll to. should that be part of the column's header?

%dpmoVzAe403IKuyMrZWS3rfsPYhVbGc7+WED8wkB7tA=.sha256 arj · 12/27/2016, 7:34:55 PM

This sounds like a good idea, any reason this has not been merged?

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