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    "text": "to set up a testnet, change your pub and client's `~/.ssb/config` to have `{\"caps\": {\"shs\": \"KEY\"}}` where `KEY` is some key for your network, which you can generate in node with `crypto.randomBytes(32).toString('base64')`. related: %Xm7Xz8O7omtbRkrol2PtxtNKXgWDSPuQrmtfQ4jR4FY=.sha256\n\nthe public key and private key are in `~/.ssb/secret`.\n\ncreating a new identity is as you said. one possible issue is that i think private messages are only indexed once, for the current identity, so if you change identities and then sync a message that is a private message for the swapped-out identity, if you switch to that identity again, the private message might not show up in a thread as a reply, or as an update to a git-repo, or whatever else it is. i dunno if that will be an issue for what you are trying to do.\n\ni think the connection error is because the pub answers the request too slowly, possibly because it is busy replicating with other peers, and the client connection times out. there are a few places in the handshake where a timeout can happen which would cause the connection to fail.",
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