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A browser client for the Scuttlebutt network

work in progress


Install Scuttlebot (your gossip server)

npm install scuttlebot@latest -g

# make sure you have secure-scuttlebutt@15.2.0
npm ls secure-scuttlebutt -g

sbot server
# if you are already running patchwork, that also works.
# (must have at least >= 2.8)

# then in another tab (these must be separate commands)
sbot plugins.install ssb-links
sbot plugins.install ssb-query
sbot plugins.install ssb-ws
sbot plugins.install ssb-fulltext # for faster searches (optional)

# restart sbot server (go back to previous tab and kill it)

Set a WebSocket port in your config file (~/.ssb/config).

  "ws": {
    "port": 8989

Install Patchlite (a browser interface for the your scuttlebutt database)

git clone
cd patchlite
npm install

Make sure scuttlebot is allowing private connections. Stop any running sbot server, restart it with the --allowPrivate option and create a new modern invite:

sbot server --allowPrivate
sbot invite.create --modern

From inside the Patchlite repo folder, run:

npm start

This will build an html file at build/index.html and start a static file server on local port 8000.

Browse to http://localhost:8000# with your invite code appended on the end of the address. (#ws://localhost:8989...)

You should see a page load and then automatically refresh, that is the invite being consumed.

When you load the page again, you will be loading your feed from your local sbot over a WebSocket, it will take some time.

If you want to change your key or remote configuration, enter /config in the "location bar" (top-right text field).



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