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c++ parser for o5m files

To use, include a single #include <o5mdecoder.h> in your program.


denormalize lon/lat geometry as arrays of points for each way

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <map>
#include <o5mdecoder.h>

struct Point { float lon, lat; };

int main (int argc, char **argv) {
  char *data = (char*) malloc(4096);
  char *dbuf = (char*) malloc(16384);
  char *table = (char*) malloc(256*15000);
  o5mdecoder::Decoder d(dbuf,16384,table);
  uint64_t ref;
  std::map<uint64_t,Point> nodes;
  std::map<uint64_t,Point>::const_iterator ipt;
  Point *pt;

  size_t len;
  do {
    len = fread(data, sizeof(char), 4096, stdin);
    d.write(data, len);
    try {
      while ( {
        if (d.node) {
          pt = &(nodes[d.node->id]);
          pt->lon = d.node->lon;
          pt->lat = d.node->lat;
        } else if (d.way) {
          while (d.way->getRef(&ref)) {
            ipt = nodes.find(ref);
            if (ipt == nodes.end()) continue;
            printf("%f,%f ", ipt->second.lon, ipt->;
    } catch (char *err) {
      printf("error: %s\n", err);
  } while (len == 4096);
  return 0;


#include <o5mdecoder.h>

o5mdecoder::Decoder decoder(char *buffer, size_t buflen, char *table)

Initialie a new decoder instance given a buffer of size buflen and table.

The buffer is used to copy data as you read it in from the file and must be greater than or equal to the size of the largest document in compressed binary o5m form. You should allocate a buffer that is large enough to contain the largest contiguous document from the source data. If the buffer is to small you will get a Buffer space exceeded. exception.

The table is used to store strings in order to refer back to them. The o5m format states that the string table should be able to hold 15000 entries where each entry can be at most 250 characters, but this implementation assumes 256 character, so you should allocate the table to be 3840000 bytes (15000*256).

decoder.write(char *data, size_t len)

Write len bytes of data to be parsed. You must call .read() in a loop to empty out the read documents before calling .write() again.


Sets decoder.node, decoder.way, or decoder.rel and returns true or doesn't set anything and returns false. When .read() returns false it is time to .write() more data.

Exactly one or zero of decoder.node, decoder.way, and decoder.rel is set at a time.

o5mdecoder::Doc doc

Node, Way, and Rel classes inherit from Doc.


Document id. This property is always > 0.

uint64_t doc.version

Version number for each document starting from 1.

When there is no version information the version is set to 0.

uint64_t doc.changeset

The changeset integer for an update. Many documents may be contained in the same changeset.

If the changeset is not present, the changeset is set to 0.

int64_t doc.timestamp

Number of seconds since the epoch, Jan 1 1970. If not set, the timestamp will be 0.

uint64_t doc.uid

User id for the author of a document or 0 if not set.

char* doc.user

User name string of the author. NULL if not set.

bool doc.getTag(char **key, char **value)

Read a tag into key and value pointers. Call this method repeatedly to read all the tags out of a doc until the method returns false.

The return value indicates whether a tag was read.

o5mdecoder::Node node

Inherits from o5mdecoder::Doc.

double node.lon

Longitude in decimal degrees.


Latitude in decimal degrees.

o5mdecoder::Way way

Inherits from o5mdecoder::Doc.

bool way.getRef(uint64_t *ref)

Read a ref from a way. Call this method repeatedly to read all the refs in a way until the method returns false. Returns true when a ref was read and false when a ref was not read.

o5mdecoder::Rel rel

Inherits from o5mdecoder::Doc.

bool rel.getMember(Member *member)

Read member data into member.

Return true as long as data was read. Returns false when there is no more data.

o5mdecoder::Member member

Create container for member data.

o5mdecoder::TYPE member.type

Type of the member. Compare with o5mdecoder::NODE, o5mdecoder::WAY, and o5mdecoder::REL.

uint64_t member.ref

Reference id of the member.

char* member.role

Role of the member (things like "inner" and "outer").



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