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Find a good way to isolate the tests

Openkeks opened this issue on 4/15/2017, 6:04:54 PM

Find a good way to isolate the tests

I ran the unit test a couple of times and it was super spammy (what a suprise..). We need to find a way to test without spamming the network...Maybe just make a muxrpc server?

%zJ4b+xuGbDcu1DM8axq3fNnpDpc5AJ1C4VKWPLeYMeU=.sha256 dinosaur · 4/15/2017, 6:29:21 PM

not sure how this works in sbot.go, but you should be able to run a testnet: %SAuBzX/..., creating-test-databases, what sbot.js uses for tests, an example of an sbot.js test.

%zivEqHVDlRpWXANbqRrTxNk8fs+RYhOAQWofKwUq0uY=.sha256 keks · 4/16/2017, 3:56:18 AM

Yeah, the tests are pretty stupid. They just connect to localhost:8008 and do some RPC. Starting a new sbot process with a different appKey/appName and connecting to that would definitely be cleaner.

Thanks for the links!

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