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Alternative native messaging host

Opencel-desktop opened this issue on 1/1/2021, 10:30:18 PM

Alternative native messaging host

I implemented a scuttle-shell-browser compatible native messaging host in C: %Qkqcf51... (thread: %fdVfZgd...). It should provide faster startup time and lower memory use than the Node.js one. Would it be good to include or reference this somewhere?

cel-desktop mentioned this issue in ## Document/specify protocols/interfaces…
%W2/0yH7IHo0t8zY/LWUVUnod5csvuQzP2rTU75YSc8c=.sha256 farewellutopia-dev · 2/6/2021, 1:47:39 PM

Yes, totally. At very least mentioned in native-messaging-host. I wonder if this could be made an option to the installer, maybe npx scuttle-shell-browser -native? I'm not sure, however, how this would work.

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