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Error: client unauthorized

Open@HP+nJCFW8UgDVXY93Nh… opened this issue on 4/16/2017, 1:03:22 PM

Error: client unauthorized

Found a bug in the _auth callback.

I think, since the stateless shs change, the authorization callback is called with the buffer of the remote pub key, which is why if was fed into the friends lookup and returned nothing for nobody.

server error, from ws:::ffff:
Error: client unauthorized
    at /usr/src/litepub/node_modules/secret-handshake/protocol.js:97:44
    at /usr/src/litepub/node_modules/ssb-ws/index.js:72:12
    at Object.<anonymous> (/usr/src/litepub/node_modules/secret-stack/util.js:77:7)
    at Object.<anonymous> (/usr/src/litepub/node_modules/hoox/index.js:3:17)
    at Object.hooked [as get] (/usr/src/litepub/node_modules/hoox/index.js:10:15)
    at _auth (/usr/src/litepub/node_modules/ssb-ws/index.js:69:18)
    at /usr/src/litepub/node_modules/ssb-ws/index.js:85:18
    at /usr/src/litepub/node_modules/scuttlebot/plugins/invite.js:57:16
    at /usr/src/litepub/node_modules/level-sublevel/shell.js:101:15
    at /usr/src/litepub/node_modules/level-sublevel/nut.js:121:19

changing {source:, dest: id} to {source:, dest: toId(id)} makes it pass but I'm not sure if we not rather change this in shs as it might affect more locations?

%2yc67kCl16pzqFmX7mirp4wK7iBggfCMhGviYAZJ7so=.sha256 cryptix · 4/16/2017, 1:04:52 PM

cc @dominic

cryptix mentioned this issue in Yeah, It works now! I manually put a `manifest.json` in to be able to execute `sbot invite.create` etc in the container. The muxrpc otherwi
%R7y+SlcDTT6lndtkKMUcIvP1iyigDVOgYUmlRqNEdPE=.sha256 cryptix · 4/16/2017, 1:26:26 PM

The authFluke branch on %ssb-ws has a workaround fix.

%kmOkS/eBOW/ysLmUXI7j4sXGhE03qvlHDNgOMa6PNek=.sha256 Dominic · 4/16/2017, 5:39:27 PM

@HP+nJCF... @cryptix thanks! sorry I broke this yesterday while I was trying to fix something else (ssb-ws was blocking ssb-ebt) will merge your fix cryptix.

%WpptbQZsBZQRVAvjI3MnT8wf3l1xrX2TrajcCC+sdtw=.sha256 Dominic · 4/16/2017, 5:42:17 PM

merged into 1.0.3

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