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Document/specify protocols/interfaces

Opencel-desktop opened this issue on 1/1/2021, 10:37:16 PM

Document/specify protocols/interfaces

Scuttle Shell Browser introduces some communication areas:

The communication with the native messaging host is relevant as I made another implementation of it: %N8oBkcU...

Otherwise the main item is the interface between applications (web pages) and the plugin (via postMessage). This repo includes an implementation (ssb-connect.js), but it might be possible someone wants to use a different implemention. It would be helpful to know the interface and the stability of it, for this purpose.

%zCQvBuPmlkGQ/jw3G/hl8KkyjOm89AOYIdYC8wbf6kQ=.sha256 farewellutopia-dev · 2/6/2021, 2:42:48 PM

True. To unbox plugin there's

The last part should be replaceable with SSB Browser /cc (@arj)[@6CAxOI3...].

I agree that it would be good to have documentation. However, the only reason I could see for an alternative consumer library would be a web-assembly version of it.

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