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Missing blobs

Opencel opened this issue on 1/26/2020, 4:38:53 AM

Missing blobs

The blobs referenced by the following two messages are missing: %A8jcMMjRyHL6qpAACD177E9MGxllYH0Pjnt1i04mI6A=.sha256 %E9HzfMQ...

Inclusive of 3 commits:

6fb2d7a1c6c897db64da8bbae1ea04196e5acfc1 move message_link and message_name to require
ee6ec88469a31cef305d927ba484493e37563f9d 3.0.2
59ec18bbc4afa9ed4f7e0055308ac06b5b819b20 use require for markdown parsing

Please if anyone has these commits, can you run the following command in the repo directory to reconstruct and add the missing blobs:

git ssb reconstruct %A8jcMMjRyHL6qpAACD177E9MGxllYH0Pjnt1i04mI6A=.sha256 %E9HzfMQ2jlDRpvw/qLF1NeWtMpO5UfEuB+oL3GyuSHM=.sha256

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