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relational joins over a hyperlog


In this example, we can associate a changeset foreign key with changeset documents.

var join = require('hyperlog-join')
var hyperlog = require('hyperlog')
var memdb = require('memdb')

var log = hyperlog(memdb(), { valueEncoding: 'json' })
var j = join({
  log: log,
  db: memdb(),
  map: function (row, cb) {
    var v = row.value
    if (v.changeset) cb(null, { key: v.changeset, value: })
    else cb()

log.append({ id: 'A', type: 'changeset', tags: { comment: 'whatever' } })
log.append({ id: 'B', type: 'node', lat: 64.4, lon: -147.3, changeset: 'A' })
log.append({ id: 'C', type: 'node', lat: 63.9, lon: -147.6, changeset: 'A' })
log.append({ id: 'D', type: 'changeset', tags: { comment: 'hey' } })
log.append({ id: 'E', type: 'node', lat: 64.2, lon: -146.5, changeset: 'D' })

j.list('A', function (err, nodes) {


[ { key: '022116bee40416e057ed404eae77a998eb8da3a2662e22e2f3f666a558519fb7',
    value: 'C' },
  { key: 'b66ea5345fd95776ddb1e6ae1a6627f0c0c45dff04e9d3b3a8e1ab3d32963d84',
    value: 'B' } ]


var join = require('hyperlog-join')

var j = join(opts)

The mapping function accepts a row argument from the hyperlog and should return a single object with key and value properties or an array of key/value objects into the callback cb(err, res).

To delete relations, the mapping function should return an object with type='del', a key specifying the foreign key as in the put case, and a rowKey of the hyperlog key for the row that inserted the original relation.

var stream = j.list(key, cb)

Look up a list of values from the mapping function by their key.

This function returns a readable object stream of results or you can collect the results with the cb(err, nodes) callback. Each object in the results has the key of the original hyperlog document and the value set in the mapping function.

var stream = j.relations(opts)

Return a readable stream of existing relations, the foreign keys set by row.key in the mapping function.

These results can be filtered according to leveldb range options:,, opts.lte, and opts.gte and limited in quantity with opts.limit.

j.on('error', function (err) {})

Handle errors from the underlying hyperlog-index with the 'error' event.


npm install hyperlog-join



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