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how-to: anchroing something above the scroller?

Opencryptix opened this issue on 9/15/2016, 3:11:47 AM

how-to: anchroing something above the scroller?

So I rebased my /player thing on 3.1.0 and now see the effect of the updated styling (mainly that it isn't centerd anymore).


I have delayed this before because I was more interested in getting the main functinality working but now I'd like to tackle another thing.

Is it possible to anchor/fix something above the Scroller? I think this might also be helpfull for the composer.

%PmwtYrWBbLGUpkcS5uoHNhhnnphiaCp/3g+h/HorE1Y=.sha256 cryptix · 9/15/2016, 3:47:28 AM

Oh.. Also: what is the sane way to center this thing?

%GYxttuxRtsC67surTpIG6oORpM2JW8vF6W6Y8caOXxE=.sha256 Dominic · 9/15/2016, 2:26:29 PM

read up on flexbox. it's doesn't fix css, but it makes it less bad.

I think if you add the player to a thing outside the scroller's element, it should stay at the top. i.e. your screen_view should return h('div', player, scroller) or something equivalent to that.

%C+WPsAnb8kJJf69onsO+LOH/gRwlAdlAWvmc039Isck=.sha256 ev · 12/23/2016, 3:44:40 PM

@cryptix Is this issue accomplished?

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