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Add create-id subcommand: %nvorVG9L0cAlXX5V2X5J9IVWncvAqklHnsjBfvy/P2g=.sha256

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cel · 1/14/2017, 7:23:54 PM

Add create-id subcommand: %nvorVG9...

Usage: git ssb create-id [--name <name> | --no-name] [<options>]

  Create a new git-ssb repo and output its URL.

  --upstream <id>   id, url, or remote name of repo to create a fork of
  --name <name>     Name to give the repo. Required unless '--no-name' is given
  --no-name         Don't name the repo

This is intended to replace the create subcommand for creating new repos. create-id publishes a git-repo message and then outputs the repo URL to stdout. It does not add the repo URL as a git remote. This is so that it follows better the rule of "do one thing well". Also, it requires a --name <name> option, or --no-name to request creating a repo without a name. It does not auto-set a repo name. This is to reduce confusion/surprise.

Example usage:

Add a remote to an existing repo:

git remote add $(git ssb create-id --name myproject)

Create & clone a new empty repo:

git clone $(git ssb create-id --name coolproject) coolproject
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wrong base branch - should be create-id, not private

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