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talebay is only a first prototype.

talebay is a fork of the patchbay](, an (secure-scuttlebutt client interface.


First I have to ask you to install sbot, which distributes the database content with your friends and makes it available to client programs, like talebay. (All this is based on nodejs, so install that if you havn't already.)

# install sbot
$ npm install scuttlebot@latest -g
$ sbot server

# then in another terminal window (these must be 3 separate commands)
# install the plugins talebay needs
$ sbot plugins.install ssb-links
$ sbot plugins.install ssb-query
$ sbot plugins.install ssb-ws

# restart sbot server (go back to previous tab and kill it by closing the window or pressing ctrl+c)

# now clone and run patchbay.

$ git clone talebay
$ cd talebay
$ npm install
$ npm run rebuild
$ npm start

Lite (web/non-electron)

To run a lite client in the browser instead of using electron, use npm run lite from the prompt instead of run bundle. After that you need to generate a modern invite:

sbot invite.create --modern

Also set up sbot to allow these connections with:

sbot server --allowPrivate

Lastly open build/index.html in a browser and append the invite created above using: index.html#ws://localhost:8989....



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