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ssb handbook Hermes the hermit crab

A work-in-progress guide to the ssb-verse and key concepts and influences

What Is Scuttlebutt?

Historically, sea-slang for gossip - a scuttlebutt is basically a watercooler on a ship.

Scuttlebutt is a decent(ralised) secure gossip platform.

This seems like a silly name, but I assure you, this is real science. Read this:

Or, if you're lazy: (laziness will get you nowhere, btw)

How To Get Started

The easiest way to get started is using patchwork-next, a classic social networking application.

screenshot of patchwork-next

Download and Install Patchwork

On macOS, download the latest .dmg file from patchwork-next/releases

On other operating systems, with node and npm installed:

$ git clone
$ cd patchwork-next
$ npm install
$ npm start

On Linux you'll need some more dependencies for the spell-checker. On Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libxext-dev libxtst-dev libxkbfile-dev

Be Invited To A Pub

In order to gossip outside your local network, you'll need to connect to a Pub.

Here's an 100-use invite to @mixmix's pub:

In patchwork-next, click "+ Join Pub" and paste the code.

This will cause you to follow @mixmix's Pub and vise versa. If you haven't synchronized to this social network yet, prepare to wait a few minutes while your local server synchronizes.

About This Handbook

To view the public gitbook, browse to

You can also build and serve this with gitbook locally. The following assumes you're running a scuttlebot server and are in the follow neighbourhood of mixmix or his pub.

npm install git-ssb -g
git clone ssb://%lJsDWwnF4bDxHWYuSjw/bW37xg+saF8WtPZYZsefKj0=.sha256 ssb-handbook

cd ssb-handbook
npm install
npm start

The is the manifest on which the compiled gitbook is based. Edit that if you want content in/out of the book.

If you see a job that needs doing - that is your job.

Other Projects

Scuttlebutt is not the only project working in a decentralized space. Here are a few other projects also working on solutions:

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