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Scuttlebutt glossary


short for "decentralized" see also: uxer


I have decided that runcible means "fit for multiple purposes". so, a spork is a runcible spoon, but a large ladle suitable (?) for catching frogs would also be called a "runcible spoon".

Thus a folding bicycle, or bicycles which can carry large amounts of cargo, or turn into a boat, etc, are "runcible bikes" a flying car, or a amphibious car are both runcible cars.

I feel this fits most of the way Lear uses "runcible", especially when he uses it just suggest silly person as a "runcible goose"


uxer is a sort of mashup shorthand for the user-experienceR, which is not the "experience" as perceived by others (UX) but the person who is getting treated... the uxer is the "UX Designer"

In the context of p2p, uxer makes more sense, cuz we're flip the paradigm of ownership, and should be designing from the first person.

IMHO the ultimate goal is for people to not only "own" their "experience", but design their own applications; for the perfect world, the latter predicates the former; to which ends, anarchitecture.

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