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Two minor tweaks:

Closed arj wants to merge commits into master from cel / git-ssb-web / master
arj · 12/22/2016, 11:44:19 AM

Two minor tweaks:

Show git-ssb in title, I find this especially useful for the profile page because otherwise it will just show the name.

And a minor css spacing tweak.

%UbVJxNiebq/u2Pi8QIkdibBz4OrdoUMfYC1bCiUs0K8=.sha256 cel · 12/22/2016, 2:31:15 PM

thanks @arj. merged into v2.6.3

cel updated the branch to 843b7160 · 12/22/2016, 2:31:24 PM
arj updated the branch to f9c88aec · 12/26/2016, 1:28:08 AM
arj updated the branch to bba0025c · 12/26/2016, 7:42:56 AM

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