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Default created repo name to current directory.

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noffle · 11/9/2016, 7:23:09 AM

Default created repo name to current directory.

When 'git-ssb create origin' is invoked without a name, the current directory will be used.

This could be intrusive if there are users who rely on and prefer to have nameless repos. We could still provide a --no-name flag or treat the empty string '' as an indicator of wanting no name to be set.

%sdcuqmN/uJ5r6ye6hofyrDO/czHwQtuFwkHhMD+zqEc=.sha256 cel · 11/9/2016, 12:09:04 PM

Looks good. Do you think the help text for the create command should describe this behavior? What do you think about using a name from package.json if that exists? That is what I was doing in the init command (unmerged). Do you think there should be a confirmation step to reduce the chance of surprising the user?

%i5LqInkIcj+8GfkbAbpdARJKE+LmxRblviB6XpS9w9s=.sha256 Dominic · 11/23/2016, 3:22:13 PM

bump! this would suit my workflow well!

cel deleted the default-repo-name branch · 11/24/2016, 11:12:35 AM
cel mentioned this pull request in [@cryptop](@xxZeuBUKIXYZZ7y+CIHUuy0NOFXz2MhUBkHemr86S3M=.ed25519) Looks like the logic for the fork command is not great. It picks the repo

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