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re-enable closed vs open issue indicator

Openpunkmonk opened this issue on 4/25/2020, 8:31:22 PM

re-enable closed vs open issue indicator

this feature was previously implemented

%dvQoArKTXsuYjNRzCOTw3IE4/I1Aq7GwrP4JnxhsDYU=.sha256 cel-desktop · 4/26/2020, 1:39:05 AM

The previous styles were:

.issue-state-open {
  color: #38ae67;

.issue-state-closed {
  color: #d84a38;

It was changed in 6c3bdbd49435992bf4c2e1505bde11b539b4fce2

%Bb917YFC0sNK8dafb9AU4JOQuv9CMgt7VUAqQ//q6Y0=.sha256 punkmonk · 4/26/2020, 2:08:28 AM

ahh! cool. i'll make the change in my PR.

%CEEyDlPAX2eOLm1PYO5TjNmrepm4SWfL37ZQ5evxYyM=.sha256 punkmonk · 9/10/2021, 9:06:00 PM

hmm, i'd thought i'd made a PR for this but can't find it. looks like it's not included in the latest release though, so i'll look into this more.

%e9nyUL9jhfzXIIbX7EOhT4XOVHKjDFjkA/xSg/wYBW4=.sha256 punkmonk · 9/10/2021, 9:08:03 PM

ahh looks like it did make it's way in: f8499163d96b13b7fbb2df2ec901dc5c88ad2013

but maybe it got reverted again somewhere along the line

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