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more than 10 mini-messages in a row appears to break pull-scroll@0.3.3

Openev opened this issue on 1/4/2017, 9:26:22 AM

more than 10 mini-messages in a row appears to break pull-scroll@0.3.3


I had to open the compose window in order to get the next messages to come into the window in the above screenshot.

%y0irTydRBZnkpdjXtdn507ilKQhFJKcKvNJzzOPQNio=.sha256 ev · 1/4/2017, 9:28:38 AM

I suppose bumping this number up to 15 would solve this issue for my screen. But what about bigger screens?

      if(!isVisible(content)) {
        if(content.children.length < 10) add()
%oqU2LtSYuk8SxLbQ1X2R9kkzKDx0bm8cS2P4sjJ+mQk=.sha256 cryptop · 1/4/2017, 10:23:02 AM

nice find, @ev! we also spotted this issue but couldn't pin-point the origin.

we kludged it with a css min-hight hack, otherwise the users will think there aren't more messages on the stream they are viewing..

imho the correct approach would be to add children until the first child goes off the screen and not use a magic number like 10 or 15.

%qUxzdRP40yippBc7k7GnSKx2svuF3nwBzkYK5W599z0=.sha256 Dominic · 1/4/2017, 10:50:52 AM

This is fixed in the latest pull-scroll.

The reason for the magic number: if the container element is not displayed yet, then you can't tell whether you have enough elements to show it or not, and there isn't an event that fires when you become visible.

Hmm, just realized there may be another bug here, in latest pull-scroll (if those elements are added while that tab is not on screen)

What I was doing to fix this, was opening dev tools (ctrl-shift-i) and shrinking the screen.

The other problem, is that new elements are only added during scrolling, (so you have to wiggle the panel to get new things to appear - which I have reflexively started doing on other feed oriented webapps! ;)

%BE7dP52+RgWeNkDvWq9OJQdU4ejtErRrflaElHYlvx8=.sha256 ev · 1/4/2017, 11:01:42 AM

I'm on the latest pull-scroll. However, I am using hypertabs-vertical, if that has any effect on this?

%k4fuXJr5CIfBWQkAgoAas7sk+koVz8IQJ/Xzv0mfYeo=.sha256 Dominic · 1/4/2017, 11:30:33 AM

maybe, it depends on what the element has the scroll bar, which branch is this on?

%rqp8KhuT3OlHcZM0zx/7hbR/RsMz+8Dfbmjo2fljZnc=.sha256 ev · 1/4/2017, 11:37:56 AM

@dominic It's on the %minbay branch, in which I've wandered off in some of own opinions.

I upgraded to the latest pull-scroll and the associated patchbay code that you added 5 days ago. But it's possible something might have got broken when I integrated the vertical hypertabs stuff that I borrowed from @cryptix's %talebay

%SpqbsZf2zFcZtN0ASRR5CeLsNOMJoiQBePMbSWcjGNc=.sha256 cryptix · 1/4/2017, 6:13:44 PM

I can reproduce this pretty easily with stock patchbay on my rotated sceen:


ps: @mixmix I like look of the new styling :)

%kIPsty4TiL5tPbgIDAi0fPR+0VJ/LdJ5Hx+1ss+o8IQ=.sha256 mix · 1/4/2017, 7:42:13 PM

@cryptix can you try resizing the vertical aspect of your window - I've experienced something with scroller before where if youdon't have enough messages to flow outside the current screen, it doesn't make a scroll-bar, so you can't stimulate more messages.

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