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Missing blobs make some repos unusable

Closednoffle opened this issue on 11/11/2016, 10:26:56 AM

Missing blobs make some repos unusable

I tried navigating to mikola/cyberwizard-letters today and found the page wouldn't load on git-ssb-web. I tried a git fetch, but it also stalled on what I presume is a missing blob.

How could git-ssb-web fall back to still presenting something? Should it? In general with the distributed web, blobs will be missing sometimes, so having a nice UX to gracefully detect and display this, while allowing use to continue, would be excellent.

%hWHB6d9GP1a+K/Stoc61dEVhZLcwHgQXFYeFkcGI0TI=.sha256 Matt · 11/11/2016, 7:45:08 PM

See also: %2K8H8fW...

cel closed this issue · 11/20/2016, 3:35:19 AM
Show old state when blobs are missing

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