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Anders Rune Jensen committed Add bot that can mirror automatically upon requestLatest: aba1021 on 4/1/2016, 7:50:38 AM


Feed and blob exporter/importer for Scuttlebot

Exports your whole feed and corresponding blobs to a directory. Or import / sync a local folder of messages and blobs.

Consists of the following files:

How do you publish a mirror?

Currently work in progress, but the following command should publish a mirror to your feed:

sbot publish --type about --about '<YOUR-FEED-ID>' --mirror '<YOUR-MIRROR>'

I published my mirror using:

sbot publish --type about --about '@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519' --mirror 'http://26thfiwfn3i3wnrf.onion/ssb/messages.txt'

I use the following shell script to sync my feed to my mirror:

./export-data.js -e export
rsync -av -e ssh export/ pi:export

Hopefully at some point this can be integrated into patchwork making it possible to add friends by a link to their mirror.

Work in progress for static feeds

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