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Sylpheed IMAP IDLE/NOTIFY Plug-in

This is a plugin for the Sylpheed mail client which adds support for the IMAP NOTIFY extension (RFC 5465) and the IMAP IDLE command (RFC 2177). It allows you to receive mail in real time instead of by polling.

IMAP NOTIFY is a successor to IMAP IDLE and allows for getting notifications about more than one mailbox at a time on a single connection, and allows for listening for arbitrary mailbox events. However, it is not widely implemented. (It's author, Arnt Gulbrandsen, said "it should have been good but is a disaster"). However, it is supported by the Dovecot and Archiveopteryx
IMAP servers. This plugin uses NOTIFY if the server supports it, and otherwise tries to use IDLE. With IDLE, only the inbox is watched for new mail.





When installed, the plugin takes effect for any IMAP account once it connects to its server.


Download one of these binaries for your system and put it at ~/.sylpheed-2.0/plugins/:

Then restart Sylpheed. Check in the Plug-in manager (under Configuration menu) to see if the IMAP Notify Plug-in is listed.


Compile Sylpheed:

svn checkout svn:// sylpheed

Compile and install the plugin:

cd plugin
git clone ssb://%RwPEGLnQ6b7xNkY3HJCiujzvQC+pPhR4AcDEJb9EYgQ=.sha256 sylpheed-imap-notify
cd sylpheed-imap-notify
make SYLPHEED_DIR=../../
make install

Current issues


Why a plugin

The LibSylph IMAP4 client implementation is synchronous. When IMAP NOTIFY/IDLE is used, notifications could arrive at any time. This would require significant changes to LibSylph's IMAP code. This plugin uses a workaround of having a second IMAP session for the asynchronous events, so that the core IMAP code is left untouched.

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