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mini pub messages.

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cel · 3/8/2017, 10:34:33 PM

mini pub messages.

In %patchfoo i tried rendering pub messages more compactly, and liked it. Here it is ported to patchbay.

Also, there are some pub messages recently that have a different schema than the older ones, {pub:{link,host,port}} instead of {address:{key,host,port}}. This PR adds support for the newer case. To find these messages, run sbot logt pub | jq 'select('

%QrKPtwfLG0BLSs39ut6wlITSpuOFZYxaoWxBh7JARkU=.sha256 cel · 3/8/2017, 10:35:43 PM

before: pub-old.png
after: pub-new.png

Dominic deleted the mini-pub branch · 3/9/2017, 8:18:44 PM

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