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content archaeology

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dinosaur · 11/7/2016, 2:09:26 AM

content archaeology

  • copy from mixmix/scuttlebutt_apps
  • copy from ssbc/stories
  • dig up quotes from @dominic


dinosaur updated the branch to 59f3c098 · 11/7/2016, 2:44:07 AM
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dinosaur deleted the pitter-patter branch · 11/8/2016, 5:04:01 PM
%w4yFo8W7VvZad+gMcBVXZug9O8G59omYQA++gW+kXz8=.sha256 mix · 11/9/2016, 12:32:30 AM


Installers ... these need links in places that aren't Release pages D: with invites right next to em. I reckon dumb static links could be a good place to start. what you reckon?

%v2zc0SI4OJgRthLXkI4wGgzI/L64L7LOEXHRiGJc7og=.sha256 dinosaur · 11/9/2016, 12:35:08 AM

yep, that sounds great! are you thinking on the "Applications" page or like a separate "How to get on the scuttlebutt network" page? either way :+1:

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