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Andre Staltz committed on 8/21/2020, 11:59:17 AM
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403403 First make an Android release, then an iOS release.
405405 - Run `npm run release-android` on a computer that can build Android
406+- (Unfortunately!) run `cd android` and `./gradlew assembleRelease` to rebuild it because apparently there's some issue where the previous step didn't use the correct signing keystores (we should fix this eventually, so that only the first step is needed)
407+- Check that the signing certificates are correct, running `jarsigner -verify -verbose:summary -certs app/build/outputs/apk/indie/release/app-indie-release.apk`
406408 - Deploy to Dat Installer
407409 - `cd ../dat-release-latest` and `dat sync`
408410 - Install new version through Dat Installer and make sure it works
409411 - `git push origin master`
@@ -413,9 +415,9 @@
413415 Then make an iOS release:
415417 - `git pull origin master` on a computer that can build iOS
416418 - Run `npm run release-ios`
417-- Once done, it should an _Organizer_ window where you should upload the new version to App Store
419+- Once done, it should open an _Organizer_ window where you must upload the new version to App Store
418420 - Get the folder `e2e/apple-app-store-demo` and make it your `~/.ssb` (beware to backup any existing `~/.ssb` before)
419421 - Open a desktop SSB client such as Patchwork to use that `~/.ssb`
420422 - Create a new [ssb-room]( server
421423 - Put the ssb-room invite code in Patchwork

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