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Commit 0126ebe5138d89454ffea9687ccfbdc73d2092f9

dx: update about releasing to f-droid

Andre Staltz committed on 12/4/2020, 9:05:07 PM
Parent: 0749600f8350ba33b9df40633489fae84076f2e7

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@@ -477,9 +477,8 @@
478478 - Deploy as an APK on the website
479479 - Go to `android/app/build/outputs/apk/indie/release` and copy the `app-indie-release.apk` file
480480 - Put the file in the manyverse-website repo and deploy the website
481-- Publish Android on F-Droid: `git push origin --tags` (F-Droid server pulls our updates)
482481 - Publish Android to Google Play
483482 - Take the APK file from `android/app/build/outputs/apk/googlePlay/release`, upload and publish it on Google Play developer website
484483 - Publish iOS to the App Store
485484 - Open the website and the new version should have been uploaded by now
@@ -490,8 +489,9 @@
490489 - Put the ssb-room invite code in Patchwork
491490 - Keep this Patchwork open (and the computer in non-sleep mode) for ~24 hours
492491 - Apple's reviewers should use the ssb-room invite and will connect to your Patchwork
493492 - Now should be safe to press submit on the App Store dashboard
493+- Publish Android on F-Droid: `git push origin --tags` (F-Droid server pulls our updates)
494494 - Announce on Scuttlebutt
495495 - Run `npm run echo-ssb-post`, it shows in the terminal a ready markdown post, publish that into Scuttlebutt under the hashtag `#manyverse`
496496 - Announce on Twitter
497497 - Copy-paste from the list of updates for the latest version, write it in the Twitter `@manyver_se` account and publish

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