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Prototype of a pluggable patchwork.

Patchbay uses depject to provide a highly composable api. all scripts in the ./modules directory are loaded and combined using depject

This makes in very easy to create say, a renderer for a new message type, or switch to a different method for choosing user names.


Currently, the main module is tabs.js which plugs into the app socket, and provides the screen_view socket. when you click a link, screen_view socket with the link path, which returns a html element which becomes a new tab.

currently, main.js feed.js and thread.js plug into screen_view
and then in turn, call the message_render socket, which calls message_content avatar message_meta message_action and message_link.

avatar.js plugs into avatar, and provides the avatar_name socket. it just returns a link to the public key, labled with what it gets back from avatar_name socket. this is in turn provided by the names.js module.

Two modules plug into message_content, post.js and like.js

No plugs into the message_action socket have been implemented yet, but whatever is returned from this will inserted into the dom at the bottom of the message (by the message module) so this would be the plug to use for implementing a like/+1/fav/dig/yup button, or a reply button.

other ideas

Editable messages would probably need to plug into several sockets. firstly they would render content differently, so probably use the message_content socket. secondly they would need to show edit state, which would probably use message_meta
and finially they'd need to provide the ability to edit the message! that would use message_action

Implementing a "events" message type would be easy, just implement another plug for message_content, that renders events.

Instead of reading all the modules in a directory, it would be better to load these from configuration. Then, modules could be distributed as browserify bundles, and distributed over ssb. Configuration could just be a list of hashes - but you could also disable specific sockets or plugs if necessary (leaving them unconnected).

Then, that configuration could be shared over ssb!


npm install scuttlebot@latest -g
# make sure you have secure-scuttlebutt@15.2.0
npm ls secure-scuttlebutt -g
sbot server
# if you are already running patchwork, that also works.
# (must have at least >= 2.8)

# then in another tab (these must be 3 separate commands)
sbot plugins.install ssb-links
sbot plugins.install ssb-query
sbot plugins.install ssb-ws
# restart sbot server (go back to previous tab and kill it)

now clone and run patchboard.

git clone
cd patchbay
npm install
npm install electro electron-prebuilt -g
electro index.js


patchbay uses depject to manage it's modules. here is a graph of the current connections between them. (round shows module, square shows api, arrow direction points from user to provider)

module graph



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