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question: we need a widespread standard

Closedcryptix opened this issue on 2/22/2017, 7:54:48 AM

question: we need a widespread standard

do we? what does widespread mean? in my mind we only need to clearly document ours.

other systems might like our way of doing it but we don't depend on them using ours, no?

%aksuwaKoiISv9+13+4AYkkcZWyug4Cjvd06Br86/0p4=.sha256 keks · 2/22/2017, 1:54:52 PM

That is related to the network block device part. I don't want to implement that for every OS, so we picked iSCSI, a widespread standard. I agree the wording is very vague, though.

%Ma+lPPC3XlR+hVQ1rnRIa3TQF5QM+5wWJrj+Nolc74Y=.sha256 cryptix · 2/24/2017, 7:39:59 AM

Okay, get it. I didn't connect that to iSCSI.

· 2/24/2017, 7:40:02 AM

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