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Date formating not respecting localisation

ClosedJohn opened this issue on 11/4/2016, 10:30:53 PM

Date formating not respecting localisation

I want date to be 2016/11/05 - have tried a range of things in the code and it's really stubornly sticking to american format

%b/uhUVlCvMnEivydhf5oO7zr3ZD/2dcLcILoXrbVbLE=.sha256 arj · 12/26/2016, 4:18:31 AM

@mixmix I had the same problem and spent some time tracking it down. The way localization works in git-ssb-web is that it uses the accept-headers sent from the browser and tries to find a corresponding <LANG>.json in static/locale. And if it doesn't find the file, it falls back to 'en'. I quick workaround is simply creating a <LANG>.json file for your local, but I don't think that is the correct approach. It should use the local time no matter if there is a translation or not. I'll make a patch for that but until then, you can use my workaround.

%Ejq9DH8Qxjgo/2/IF3LwxMFJCDtFbxm6sQresCh248w=.sha256 arj · 12/26/2016, 7:44:17 AM

I made a patch for that in my branch for this.

%sR9nJtlAuaGscuSCgOFlu77M5HFi0X5hFI3bXjGhlUE=.sha256 John · 12/26/2016, 9:50:55 PM

Cool, did you open a pull request ?

%zj/H/G9M5H8IlFwgoydjwQG0wFZwcR7O0rWIZKjs01Y=.sha256 arj · 12/27/2016, 4:06:10 AM

Its here together with another patch:


%DwHKUk/9hI+OcVjCy95+BqE/H257+CYujjunXfEnGn4=.sha256 arj closed this issue · 12/29/2016, 1:21:10 PM

This should be fixed in 2.6.5

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