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About-refactor feedback

Closedarj opened this issue on 12/27/2016, 12:15:31 PM

About-refactor feedback

@dinosaur I have been testing about_refactor branch and I like the new design of things. I think the left side with the author image, name and timestamp needs to have some spacing between that and the content.

I also made a small patch to display private messages a bit nicer:

diff --git a/modules_basic/private.js b/modules_basic/private.js index ce99f1c..fb5c731 100644 --- a/modules_basic/private.js +++ b/modules_basic/private.js @@ -98,10 +98,12 @@ exports.create = function (api) { },

 message_meta: function (msg) {
%DZVHPxDb1PNR0CWuC337V45u/4X0+HCy81Wm1ZZGVjg=.sha256 arj · 12/27/2016, 1:00:36 PM

You can have a look in my fixes branch. There are some more fixes. This is all the fixes I'm running atm. included this one:

%xAuHskQ4I3mIzzPOZMeiEie1teRr4CN61gDkOJyEPGc=.sha256 John · 12/27/2016, 1:57:50 PM

thanks for the feedback @arj - would be good to get some minimal spacing styling in there. Important to note this pull request is mainly about clarifying the box model and modularity of the css

%6AHDgmeApMQm/pACowpDjMD5ejwr68uAmCZomovYS68=.sha256 arj closed this issue · 12/31/2016, 12:24:52 PM

I'm closing this one as things look much better in the mix mix branch.

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