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removed obsolete serializeSelectedHTML.js

Open cryptix wants to merge commits into ssb-capsule from dust / %LfF6rFD7gNrhmtKIlpA… / ssb-capsule
cryptix · 4/12/2016, 6:58:15 AM

also: testing pull requests :)

cryptix mentioned this pull request in PRs are looking good :) http://localhost:7718/%25Bu14SPViCHeEmXlqf%2FwQ%2BynCSkgG4DXPWLQ2bGP8%2BNc%3D.sha256
%/V4sqJWZtvVWfop8cL6SazatHA9FHNU7AV+/VRaT2lM=.sha256 dust · 4/19/2016, 10:59:45 AM

oh wow it does look good! that serialize selected HTML method actually does need to be there tho, since the whole file is sourced by the addon when you select content and run the addon.

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