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5d4c331 (Stephen Whitmore, 12 days ago)

Closed noffle wants to merge commits into master from substack / norcal / show-date
noffle · 10/28/2016, 2:33:12 PM

5d4c331 (Stephen Whitmore, 12 days ago)

Show and accept abbreviations of unambiguous IDs.

Much like git: this lets the user type e.g. "norcal rm 36" when the monthly calendar contains IDs like 368239f8acb and 3802932479f. The less ambiguity there is across IDs, the shorter they will be.

261f7e4 (Stephen Whitmore, 12 days ago)

Include weekday and month day in agenda view.

substack deleted the show-date branch · 10/28/2016, 3:02:03 PM

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