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fatal: did not receive expected object

ClosedliteCryptix opened this issue on 12/31/2016, 8:51:05 AM

fatal: did not receive expected object

has anyone seen this before? It feels erratic since I was able to clone it earlier on another machine.

% git clone ssb://%s9mSFATE4RGyJx9wgH22lBrvD4CgUQW4yeguSWWjtqc=.sha256 patchbay -v 
Cloning into 'patchbay'...
command: connect git-upload-pack
client capabilities: agent=git/2.11.0
wants { '5cb4510e7266ce92c57a4468efce4479ec64d714': true,
  '787f858837541c7b94531c9b98603402cfb7f06b': true,
  f7687d0095e2b9136e57117072d2a1367f5c8faf: true,
  ab55d44678ee1d8dd109f6663adcc9f5568d91a5: true,
  cde57d98f029001047a363e2ad736da3fc6bedd7: true,
  e33a98abcc85d3a3b35c0b2db5b98200b0614954: true,
  '5fbb42066cbc1174acfe9a8f84fe907d9b7bd1c8': true,
  f27adcb6c53c89dcf577b6329b264bc3609127db: true,
  dbe8a8578e6c6cdb350c1d250ad3d646610b339f: true,
  '043f0016a782ff805a586313f336b144a0ed3e3e': true,
  eec0ff0889b3f1823925555536856f1eb53e13b2: true,
  a6a59db36ece748b70579031447cb554d68038a1: true,
  '404521bab0335a3e3ff21ab912f25e8d7edd8168': true,
  '8bf58f99dd17bfab291aed906bb0597c6f7f6920': true,
  c713144685decb84e2df39b0fcf3fc1cadab7528: true,
  a692047f69bbb665d6be280233fdf5a8131c4594: true,
  '093c66d7a4531f2454c5d785da9a9f7d9d824976': true,
  '7bfc8ffe94be45777d9884bcd5c9db880dcc2d97': true,
  f00625ab123486916f87fdac226a199db6ad70bf: true,
  '1d93c63544059ee8195e84d178b24ed4b2c39a2f': true,
  '4d24a50832bd54a07cf73adc9707b4adbd33105e': true,
  '528c0a1f41db9e4e9a4d24b220c1f46c12c3af6a': true }
Receiving objects: 100% (3037/3037), 2.04 MiB | 0 bytes/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (1318/1318), done.
fatal: did not receive expected object 1462eddad93e346c412fe00dd5fb4468adf1ee04
fatal: index-pack failed

I attached the -vv output not sure if it helps.


%CLg4IZibhT1mqh/sFMoUNy47WB6gz/up8kanDbjdokc=.sha256 liteCryptix · 12/31/2016, 9:13:04 AM

GITSSB_OLD_PACKS=1 worked to get around it.

%t5B/UTalyXgqHvcWkcdWxpIS0iuSYPf4BeD6p73a9U4=.sha256 cel · 12/31/2016, 10:15:05 AM

GITSSB_OLD_PACKS=1 worked to get around it.

Yes, that env var is the workaround for this error currently.

The patchbay repo is in a bad state now for fetching without that env var. I think this is because of %3hO0qOR... which was made using an older version of git-ssb (That message should have a refsBranch property and the repoBranch property should be different). I will try to publish a message to fix the repo state. This is as I described could happen in %ONpq0ln...:

If a repo is pushed with this release (specifically, ssb-git-repo 2.5.0), and later pushed to on a different branch with an earlier git-ssb (ssb-git-repo < 2.5.0), the repo might get in a bad state and need manual intervention. So I recommend updating to git-ssb@2.2.1 before making any pushes.

@mixmix can you update your git-ssb to 2.2.1 or reinstall it if it is already at that version? The ssb-git-repo dep should be >= 2.5.0.

%4aXekpt7b22oL1Pml8jN2yRj2VHSr4UpY/j6sCqQ3xI=.sha256 cel · 12/31/2016, 10:23:23 AM

Published %GirHGP0... which should fix the patchbay repo's state. That message includes "repoBranch": ["%TJ4GM44/T0T53ozUCDhiGhq8irSz2FB5q2vQvleZbF4=.sha256"] since %TJ4GM44... is the message that includes the git object 1462eddad93e346c412fe00dd5fb4468adf1ee04 which was not getting included in the pack according to the error message.

%OfMsfhUaIGKcfOvRt8o24Ti/ZIlH3wIoW/RPY46wYk8=.sha256 mix · 12/31/2016, 3:25:58 PM

D: sorry about that all. I'm upgrading now. I don't know the history of what happened here - I think it's an important one to nail because I have friends who use git-ssb occassionally who are also probs gonna break this

%pkoXctKLXup7L6WyJdIjNRyW2yi/sFLsClF8mhY8zms=.sha256 cel · 1/2/2017, 4:06:25 PM

It is not ideal I know... I haven't figured out a better way though other than to ask everyone to upgrade, handle breakage as it occurs, and try to design & implement schemas in the future to prevent such situations from recurring.

%Su6fvmiQnIXZhqjobvp/U/u3MmZjXJSFPfHP7D3Drxg=.sha256 keks · 1/2/2017, 4:42:43 PM

Some thing with ssb-graphviz btw :(

cryptix mentioned this issue in uh.. yea.. that's a [bug](%3sJWH6alu5nQ1MJzqnNCRVKNbYiBG6lsi+ENq/r7jbg=.sha256) in git-ssb right now.. try this env var workaround: `export
%DgE/PVmr5vUuc9hlnYL7GYOra00Bz7TctHF+XZf/2J0=.sha256 cel · 1/18/2017, 8:21:09 PM

fixed %ssb-graphviz repo state in %lx454NV....

@keks @dinosaur @mixmix

%CIY/HhMGC6VA7Dmp/y3jYHjpJCNRLrktqZglAQ/qDXc=.sha256 cel · 1/18/2017, 8:33:10 PM

This issue should be contained for now. If that error happen again, please let me know or open another issue for it.

· 1/18/2017, 8:36:20 PM
cel mentioned this issue in ssb-git-repo@2.7.0 changes git-ssb's packfile generation algorithm to prevent error "did not receive expected object" bug ( %3sJWH6alu5nQ1MJ

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