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improve developer install experience

Closed dinosaur wants to merge commits into master from dev-install
dinosaur · 11/29/2016, 7:15:07 PM

improve developer install experience


  • add electron and electro to devDependencies
  • add rebuild script which runs npm rebuild ... based on electron version and abi
  • rename previous build script to be called bundle (to reduce confusion with rebuild)
  • update README to match
Dominic deleted the dev-install branch · 12/1/2016, 3:41:34 AM
dinosaur mentioned this pull request in hey [@mix](@ye+QM09iPcDJD6YvQYjoQc7sLF/IFhmNbEqgdzQo3lQ=.ed25519), we merged this in with %4+AvImOIBS+2kfqaVL0pgWYt3dotEOS7BBYp+Q8UHCc=.sha2

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