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Deno SSB Experiments

Both Deno and the Scuttlebutt Protocol are new to me. My primary goal of this project is to learn about them, so I'm trying to build things from scratch rather than porting ssb-server. Pratcical usability of the code is currently a subordinate goal.


The main executables is main.ts, executing it with

deno run --unstable -A main.ts

will start a host interacting on the Scuttlebut network according to the configuration files in ~/.ssb. By default feeds are stored in ~/.ssb/data/feeds, one folder per feed, e.g. all messages of @2NANnQVdsoqk0XPiJG2oMZqaEpTeoGrxOHJkLIqs7eY=.ed255 are in the folder data/feeds/2NANnQVdsoqk0XPiJG2oMZqaEpTeoGrxOHJkLIqs7eY=/:

FindPeers: listens for peers announcing themselves with UDP broadcast.

deno run --unstable -A FindPeers.ts

Using this project as a dev containers with VSCode:

  1. Install Docker
  2. Install the VSCode extension Remote Containers
  3. Clone the repo
  4. Open the repo in VSCode
  5. Click open in Dev Container

Built with git-ssb-web