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A command-line SSB client in C. Use like the sbot command (except for server/start).


The following are binary builds of sbotc, static-linked with libsodium.

Commit 337cc5970b1b8b4f2e9330078f2ca3c87dd71f42:

Binaries listed below are built from not the latest commit, due to infrequent access to platforms. (If you can build for these, please open a PR.)

Commit d606935df44de13c3debe461ca11ed2a72085484:

Thread: %pZpG7Bm...

Install from source

Install the dependency, sodium. On Debian: sudo apt-get install libsodium-dev

Compile and install the program:

sudo make install

Compile options

To build a binary statically linked with libsodium, use make STATIC=1


sbotc [-j] [-T] [-l] [-r] [-e]
      [ -n | [-c <cap>] [-k <key>] [-K <keypair_seed>] ]
      [ [-s <host>] [-p <port>] [ -4 | -6 ] | [-u <socket_path>] ]
      [ -a | [-t <type>] <method> [<argument>...] ]

Arguments must be explicitly JSON-encoded.

For more information, see the manual page sbotc(1).

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