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p2p command-line calendar

norcal screenshot



  Show a calendar and events for the current month.

norcal add TIMESTR {-t TITLE}

  Add an event by its TIMESTR with a TITLE.

norcal rm ID

  Delete an event by its ID.

norcal query {--gt GT --lt LT}

  List events from GT to LT.


var norcal = require('norcal')

var cal = norcal(opts)

Create a new norcal instance cal from:

cal.add(time, opts, cb)

Add an event given by a free-form string time which is parsed by parse-messy-schedule. Optionally:

cb(err, node, id) fires with the underlying hyperlog node and the generated key/value id.

cal.remove(id, cb)

Remove an event by its id.

var stream = cal.query(opts, cb)

Produce a readable objectMode stream of events in the range given in opts:

Each document in the object stream:

You can collect all of the documents with cb(err, docs).


To get the command-line tool:

npm install -g norcal

To get the library:

npm install norcal



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