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Make README links work on the muggle-web.

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noffle · 10/20/2016, 7:43:59 AM

Make README links work on the muggle-web.

%MKnMm+P5XUb/dUYzxxpkQoLgKOHrGNqkonS7MB0bdW4=.sha256 cel · 10/20/2016, 11:43:58 AM

Thanks. Merged into git-ssb@2.0.2

· 10/20/2016, 12:36:22 PM
%qgeobaoE9e07gN80p8lqp7PgrjKGSE0NRTcxozxN/c4=.sha256 cel · 10/20/2016, 12:39:01 PM

This is for the readme on, right?

%ahv1azK7a4+Wtul4wL3CoIPhT3Qfd3NiM2YJ/CS5A5s=.sha256 cel · 10/20/2016, 1:07:07 PM

Thinking about this more, I think it would be better to allow links to SSB repos/messages/feeds/blobs in markdown files to work, and let git-ssb-web or something else render them into links to HTTP urls for browsers, since SSB-aware rendering software could make the links work for something natively. The exception is the readme on, since that is rendered by NPM, and I don't want to have broken links on there - at least until we have a ssb-based npm registry/client.

A possible solution would be to have a prepublish hook rewrite SSB links in the readme to HTTP links when publishing to npm.

%ibCR5DyDKRK6Svj6SU0xU8vOzN9zaL20K2J12v65Zu0=.sha256 noffle · 10/24/2016, 5:29:28 PM

+1. I like the prepublish hook solution.

%iwDVODnCguTqchx/bsf8bh1rJ1/0NwyGqIQWumWhFpI=.sha256 ansuz · 10/25/2016, 11:10:20 PM

lol muggle-web.

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